Good Times


The Spring of 1991 turned out to be the most ambitious and rich period int he history of Hungarian jazz ever. The concerts of Miles Davis, Stephane Grappelli, Art Farmer, James Moody, many new record releases and the opening of at least four jazz clubs came as a real surprise considering the economic crisis of the country. There is no other explanation of this jazz boom than the increasing possibilities for private enterprise and initiative. After decades of the paternalist „cultural politics”, the situation now evokes the blossoming freshness and liveliness of springtime. New plans are being made all over the country, new groups, new organizations present jazz as a spontaneous means of expression. A jazz foundation has been set up for the sponsorship of young groups. The mining town at Tatabánya will offer a base for a national jazz information and education center. The previously decaying country festivals are facing a rebirth backed by the ambitious activities of the democratic local councils. The Hungarian Jazz Federation has started preparation for a representative benefit concert on behalf of jazz. So it seems that we are living through a golden era of Hungarian jazz.

(Jazz Forum, 1991/2-3 )