Imre Kőszegi Quartet Feat. Zbigniew Namyslowski: For Kati


JG 049

Imre Kőszegi, drums; Zbigniew Namyslowski, as; Jack Gregg, b; László Gárdonyi, piano. Recorded live, September 20, 1980, at the Jazzclub Henkelmann, Iserlohn, West Germany.

Like so many other musicians, Imre Kőszegi is not sufficiently recognized in his own land, so the first recording as a leader by Hungary's best jazz drummer has come out on a West German label. The music reflects the collective and conscious efforts of four highly skilled personalities, but Kőszegi definitely has his own concept, which involves a new way of dealing with the jazz tradition, imbuing it with the thoughts and feelings of the '80s. Blues, bop and contemporary swing are blended in the five compositions by the members of the group into solid, straight-ahead jazz. Kőszegi provides a vigorous heart beat for the band, while Gregg and Gárdonyi add precise rhythms and harmonies to the music. But Zbigniew Nasmyslowski, in top form here, is the driving force on the album with his strong and lively improvisations, rich emotions, and technical dexterity.

(Jazz Forum, 1981)