Jazz Federation Launched


It was a historical event when the Hungarian Jazz Federation was founded November 10, 1990. The participating musicians, teachers and experts of the first assembly discussed and developed the program and statutes of the Federation. Its goals are the support of Hungarian jazz, the strengthening of its position at home and abroad, the organization and promotion of musical competitions and concerts, the support of young musicians and groups, the extension of jazz education in the country and the representation of Hungarian jazz in national and international organizations, especially in the International Jazz Federation.

The immediate, practical aims of the Hungarian Jazz Federation are the following: to start a regular jazz club in Budapest serving as a meeting point for musicians and members, to produce an information bulletin, to encourage the establishment of regional jazz centers and, in the future, to issue a standard jazz magazine.

The Hungarian Jazz Federation is an independent, non-profit organization relying on sponsorship and economic ventures. It is located in Budapest, at the secretariat of the Trade Union of Hungarian Musicians (address: H-1068 Budapest, Gorkij fasor 38, tel. 36-1142-8927). The first assembly also elected the Board including musicians Tamás Berki, Csaba Deseő, László Gőz and Attila László. The president is János Gonda, and vice-presidents are Lászlo Dés and the long time contributor to JAZZ FORUM: Gábor Turi.

(Jazz Forum, 1990/6)