Jazz From Hungary


This is the title of a 44-page booklet published in English by Interconcert and the Association of Hungarian Musicians with the aim of giving fresh information on the country’s working groups and  musicians, that may be of interest to festival directors, managers, radio editors and critics. The author, Gábor Turi, and the editor, János Gonda, selected forty compact units as good representatives of the local scenes deserving wider international recognition and performing opportunities. The range of styles vary from dixieland through hard bop to the free trends, demonstrating the talents of such original candidates as pianists Károly Binder, László Gárdonyi, György Szabados, Béla Szakcsi Lakatos, drummer Imre Kőszegi, saxophonist Tony Lakatos, bassist Aladár Pege, and guitarist Snétberger and the groups the Benkó and the Molnár Dixielands, the Creative Art Ensemble, Dimension, the Dresch Quartet, the Grencsó Kollektíva, Hungarian Jazz Quartet, Makám, the Super Trio, Synopsis and Trio Stendhal.

“Hungarian music has always been rich in talent”, explain the authors. “Our classical artists, vocalists, instrumentalists, conductors and orchestras are welcome all over the world. Jazz musicians have taken the same road. Hopefully they will be provided with a better chance to prove this statement.”

(Jazz Forum, 1988/3)