Major Events


Jazz, a puplication of the Jazz Department of the Association of Hungarian Musicians, appeared in July in a new format. It is the first Hungarian jazz magazine freely available on newsstands throughout the country. The contents of the July issue included articles on Wayne Shorter, Keith Jarrett and Al DiMeola; reviews of Hungarian jazz concerts and festivals; report from the Jazz Film Salon in Wroclaw, Poland; information on the Hungarian 12-film TV series dealing with the history of jazz, and several other interesting items. The editor of the magazine is pianist/educator János Gonda.

The International Jazz Camp took place in Tatabánya from August 7-19. The students came from several European countries, including Portugal, England, the U.S.S.R. and the G.D.R. There were  altogether 150 participants.

The teaching personnel comprised Ed Thigpen (drums, combo), Ernie Wilkins (saxophone, big band), Rudolf Dasek (guitar, combo), Béla Szakcsi Lakatos (piano, combo), János Gonda (improvisation, piano), Rudolf Tomsits (trumpet, combo), and Balázs Berkes (bass, combo). The program included electronic and computer courses, pedagogical seminars, jazz and contemporary music lectures, folklore, mime and modern music. The best parts of the six-hour final concert were recorded.

The Association of Hungarian Musicians has prepared a number of complementary programs for IJF General Assembly, which will take place in Budapest during November 17-20. An introductory concert by young Hungarian jazz musicians will be held at the Artists Club on November 18 and the following day a gala event will be arranged at the concert hall of the Music Academy featuring bassist Aladár Pege, pianist György Szabados and the Super Trio.

(Jazz Forum, 1988/5)